by Connie Hernandez, ND

An amazing test that offers a genetic map of your body’s health predispositions and opportunities for prevention.

by Connie Hernandez, ND

Are you concerned about the health challenges you or your child or your grandchild may face due to genomic variability?

Would you welcome the opportunity to be able to act now to prevent those potential problems?

Do you have a health concern that hasn’t responded to treatment as well as you expected? Would you like to know if your body’s genomic variability might be contributing to that health issue – and how you might be able to better adjust your treatment plan?

Would you like to have more information about your genomic profile, to help you better understand, improve and defend your health status?

Would you like to receive better guidance about your best dietary and exercise choices, based on your genomic profile?

Are you taking pharmaceutical drugs, and are you concerned about your body’s ability to handle them? Do you wonder if a similar drug might be better indicated, based on your genomic profile?

DNA tests of various types have been popular with our patients over the years, and many have brought their DNA testing results to share with us. The problem has been what to do with the test results.

As our patients know, I’m not a big fan of testing that merely gives us raw information, but doesn’t change our actual understanding of your health status and what you can do about it.

We’ve recently join hands with a genomic testing lab that help patients make actual, beneficial changes.

The lab offers various test combinations, including general testing that can provide information about the variables that may be affecting your overall health.

The test results come with recommendations for optimal dietary, skin health, and sports training regimes, as well as considerations in the areas of estrogen metabolism and mental health.

Specific panels address methylation genes, and genes affecting bone health, insulin sensitivity, lipid metabolism and detoxification.

A pharmacogenomics test is available to help us understand which drugs are contraindicated for you because of your individual genomic variables.

If you’re interested in genomic testing, please schedule a short consult with Dr. Connie to ascertain which panels will most likely give you the information you’re seeking.

When the test results are in, you’ll receive an in-depth written analysis. You can then schedule a time to meet with Dr. Connie to help you understand how the results apply to you. 

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