We offer a range of different consultation types, designed to be as convenient for you as possible. You can visit us in our clinic in Mountain View or schedule a telemedicine consultation.

Which Doctor Should I Choose?

Dr. Krystal Shelmire, ND

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Krystal Shelmire for Naturopathic primary care, Holistic Pediatrics, Constitutional and acute classical homeopathy, Thermography, Hydrotherapy, Auto immune, women’s health, Allergies, adjunctive cancer support. She utilizes IV and injection therapy, clinical laboratory diagnostic testing, genetic testing and many more.

Dr. Brian Cox, ND

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Brian Cox if your primary concern is cancer treatment, IV therapies, men’s health digestive issues, immune system enhancement or prostate issues. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Brian Cox if your primary concern is cancer treatment, IV therapies, men’s health digestive issues, immune system enhancement or prostate issues. 

What Kind of Questions Can We Answer?

Here are some examples of frequently asked questions we can assist patients with:


  • I have autoimmune disease, but I’m worried that the medications prescribed for me are suppressing my symptoms and hurting me in other ways. Is there any other option in working with autoimmunity?
  • I think I have food allergies, but the skin scratch test performed by my allergist was negative. Is there another way to understand my skin reactions and my digestive problems?
  • I am interested in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. How should I be tested? What are the risks and benefits of the varying hormone replacement protocols? What if my therapy is not working for me?
  • I’m menopausal and suffering, but don’t want to take hormones. Are there natural options?
  • I believe I have a thyroid problem, but my doctor says I’m fine. How can I have my thyroid function assessed more accurately, and what treatments are available?
  • I have had a bone density exam, and my doctor is recommending a medication I don’t want to take. Is there any natural way to increase bone density?

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How Much Time Do I Need?

Initial consultation (medical history)

Schedule 90 minutes for an initial consultation with review of personal records. In this first call, the doctors will review your medical history, pertinent laboratory results, current protocol, and health concerns. The doctor will suggest naturopathic approaches specific to your situation. You will be sent a health history form to fill out prior to this type of consultation.

Initial consultation (general questions)

Schedule 60 minutes for an initial consultation with general questions. The doctors will discuss testing and treatment options for your health concerns.

Follow-up consultations

Schedule 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes for follow up consultations. This will depend on the complexity of your issues and what your doctor advised you during your initial consultation.

Simple questions

Schedule 15 minutes for simple questions that do not require review of your records.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the specific time commitment for each appointment, our cancellation policy requires a 48-hour advance notice (2 business days).  If your appointment is for a Monday, you must cancel by Thursday of the previous week.  We urge you to cancel well in advance if a scheduling conflict arises. The full appointment fee will be charged if we are not given that 48-hour notice of cancellation.

We do understand that emergencies occasionally arise, and, in that event, on a case-by-case basis, we will consider rescheduling your appointment to a more convenient time.


For all new patients, partial payment is expected at the time of scheduling. Payment for your visit may be made by cash, check, credit card or PayPal. Please contact our office to inquire about fees