Telemedicine is a great option for people who can’t come into the clinic in person.

We can help you understand the variables to consider when working with your specialists, such as gynecologists, oncologists, rheumatologists, gastroenterologists, psychiatrists and others. We can also help interpret your lab results in the context of overall health, not just diagnosable diseases.

These consultations are ideal for people living in areas with limited access to medical care or people looking for a second opinion on a treatment plan. Our doctors can offer you a new perspective, suggest alternative approaches and solutions and guide you in your health journey.

All our telemedicine consultations are HIPAA-compliant and user-friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a remote consultation do for me?

There are many ways we can help you via a telemedicine consultation, including:

  • Help you understand the variables to consider when working with your specialists, be they gynecologist, oncologist, rheumatologist, gastroenterologist, psychiatrist, or other.
  • Give you an opinion on what kind of testing might help you better understand your particular situation and advise you on the usefulness of specialty laboratory evaluations.
  • Interpret lab values in the context of optimal health, rather than limiting interpretation to diagnosable disease.
  • Work with you to prioritize steps in your care and formulate questions for your medical office visits, which includes exploring possible underlying causes for your condition.
  • Educate you on nutritional and botanical options relevant to your condition, comment on natural protocols you may be considering and inform you as to alternate treatments.
  • Offer access to a trusted dispensary of quality nutraceuticals (vitamins, herbs, and more) which can direct ship products to you.

What do you offer that my primary care doctor doesn’t?

The doctors at Pacific Naturopathic offer functional naturopathic medicine. They can offer you a comprehensive overview of your health concerns, a direction to follow in pursuing alternative and complementary testing and treatment, self-help protocols, and recommendations as to what you might discuss with your current local doctors and health care practitioners.

Can this replace a visit to my primary care doctor?

The simple answer to this question is no. During a remote consultation, our doctors are not seeing you in the office, so there can be no physical exam. The doctors can tell you how you might treat bronchitis naturopathically, but cannot diagnose you with bronchitis, sight unseen. The doctors can suggest possible diagnoses, evaluate current treatment protocols, and offer advice as to next steps.

Our doctors are naturopathic doctors and cannot prescribe conventional medications for you. We do have prescription rights for natural substances, including hormones.

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